NHDP Statement: Gatsas lies about illegal campaign finance activity in WMUR interview

Manchester, N.H. – On WMUR’s CloseUp yesterday, Mayor Ted Gatsas lied about the campaign finance violation he committed during his failed run for Governor. Gatsas said that he committed the violation with the intention of returning the donations.

Gatsas only returned the money after the New Hampshire Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office, nearly six months after the conclusion of the gubernatorial primary. In response to the NHDP complaint, the Attorney General’s office deemed Gatsas in violation of campaign finance law for $68,000 in illegal use of campaign money during his primary run.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:“It seems Mayor Gatsas has adopted Trump-style ‘alternative facts’ in his attempt at a fifth term. He claims he had the intention of returning these donations but we know that to be false. In fact, we had to remind Mayor Gatsas to return this money by filing a complaint nearly six months after his campaign ended. The mayor also spent the money he claims he was planning to return. Gatsas broke the law and now he’s trying to change facts. This type of Trump-like unethical behavior is exactly the kind of politics Manchester should be running away from. It is a distraction from the important work the city needs to do to combat the opioid crisis, rebuild roads, and give our schools the attention they deserve.”

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