NHDP Statement: NH House Republicans stage walkout over talk of Paris Climate Accord

Concord, N.H. – Today, New Hampshire House Republicans staged a mass walkoutas Democratic State Representative Lee Walker Oxenham was granted the right to speak on the House floor about Governor Sununu’s decision not to join the United States Climate Alliance. Republican representatives also cheered at the mention of President Trump’s withdrawal the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

This comes on the heels of Governor Sununu’s decision to ignore basic science and “stand by” President Trump’s withdrawal from the climate deal. Sununu, who said it was “not my job” to learn about the impact of climate change, then refused to join the 13-states-and-counting US Climate Alliance. Sununu claims to be an “environmental engineer” and was formerly the CEO of a ski resort, but according to NHPR, Sununu “doesn’t always listen to science.”

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“Rather than hear their colleague on a key issue, Republicans decided to continue to plug their ears in ignorance on climate change. In doing so, they are standing with Governor Sununu and President Trump against the rest of the world. New Hampshire Republicans are committing an affront to their constituents across the state who care deeply about the rich environment that makes the Granite State what it is. This Republican  walkout is symbolic of their willful ignorance on basic science. Governor Sununu’s decision to stay out of the US Climate Alliance puts New Hampshire in bad company, among the worst-polluting states in the country and alongside Syria against every other country on the planet.”

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