NHDP Statement: Sununu backs Trumpcare & asks for opt-out on drug treatment coverage as health providers reject the bill


Concord, N.H. – Over the weekend, Republican Governor Chris Sununu praised the recently passed Trumpcare bill, calling it a “great message” to the American people and saying he was “glad they pass something.” The governor also wanted to see Congress give him the power to opt-out of providing coverage for substance abuse treatment.

New Hampshire has the third-most per capita deaths by drug overdose and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) called the state “ground zero” for the opioid epidemic. Sununu is welcoming Trumpcare architect, Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price to the state on Wednesday to discuss the opioid crisis just days after the governor expressed interest in cutting off coverage for substance abuse victims.

“It’s a mystery what exactly made Governor Sununu throw his support behind the most recent and cruelest version of Trumpcare, but it could do with the amendments that allows states to deny coverage and hike up premiums for more Americans,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Sununu’s idea to give states the option to deny coverage for substance abuse treatment is heartless. The governor’s purely ideological stance would weaken New Hampshire’s ability to combat our largest and most urgent issue.”

This weekend, the New Hampshire Hospital Association called the bill “a significant step backward.” New Hampshire Health Care Association said they couldn’t “imagine how care in New Hampshire ultimately survives this blow,” and the CEO of Catholic Medical Center said the bill would “result in dramatic increase in uncompensated care costs.”

Two new reports analyze ways in which Trumpcare would damage Granite Staters. Kaiser Family Foundation’s analysis of the AHCA found that a 60-year old in New Hampshire making $20,000 a year would pay 607% more in premiums than under the ACA. New Futures calculated the cost of substance abuse in New Hampshire as upwards of $2 billion annually, underscoring the need for federal assistance. Rather than increase federal money, Trumpcare would cut Medicaid by $880 billion and phase out Medicaid Expansion by 2020.

Sununu also asked for the power to opt-out of providing mental health coverage. The Trumpcare bill that just passed the House offers two key opt-out provisions. One provision would allow states to opt out of guaranteeing “essential health benefits” and the other would effectively allow insurance companies to charge an unlimited amount in monthly premiums to those with preexisting conditions.

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