NHDP Statement: With Arlinghaus pick, Sununu continues to favor political games over qualifications

Concord, N.H. – Today, Governor Sununu nominated his budget director Charlie Arlinghaus to head up the Department of Administrative Services. Arlinghaus has long been a conservative political operative and has no administrative experience to speak of. Similarly, Sununu’s pick for Education Commissioner had no education experience and his Environmental Services nominee had no environmental experience.

“Charlie Arlinghaus has spent decades as a partisan political figure both for the New Hampshire Republican Party and as the head of a Koch Brothers-backed conservative think tank. He has no administrative background or experience in the business of implementation which the Department of Administrative Services demands and requires,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Once again, Governor Sununu is looking within his inner circle to reward political operatives for their loyalty rather than seeking out qualified candidates to best serve the people of New Hampshire.”

Charlie Arlinghaus is exactly the kind of appointment he has himself decried throughout his political life. In a 2013 op-ed, Arlinghaus praised Governor John Lynch, saying “Few appointments were controversial because most had experience in the field they were being appointed to and were seen as competent managers rather than politicians.” With Governor Sununu, nearly all appointments have been controversial for their political nature and absence of any evident competent managerial skills or relevant expertise.

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