NHDP Statement: Gov Sununu “100 businesses in 100 days” presser characteristically short on details

Concord, N.H. – While he gave himself an “A-plus,” Governor Sununu today refused to give any details that would allow the people of New Hampshire to grade him on his promise to meet with 100 businesses during his first 100 days in his office. Not surprisingly, Sununu did admit to cutting corners in his project. Instead of meeting with businesses in person, Sununu said he had a “webinar” with 20 companies. Sununu refused to name any businesses, provide proof that he met with them, or say what the state costs of this effort were. He also said that no businesses made “hard commitments” to New Hampshire.

Despite assuming office while the state had the lowest unemployment rate in the country with New Hampshire being named #1 in the United States for economic opportunity by US News just one month into his governorship, Sununu apparently has spent more time criticizing past efforts than on delivering on his own promises. Governor Sununu personal “A-plus” grade came despite passing zero pieces of economic legislation and fulfilling only one campaign promise eliminating the requirement for permits to carry concealed weapons — a move NH Police Chiefs call “dangerous.” Sununu failed to pass so-called Right-to-Work legislation and under his disengaged Governorship, the Republican House failed to pass a budget for the first time in modern history.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“Governor Sununu’s ‘100 businesses in 100 days‘ press conference was characteristically short on details and left us with more questions than answers. Sununu offered no names or proof of businesses he met with, giving Granite Staters no way to keep him accountable to his promise. The nature of his meetings were questionable, as he cited a webinar he hosted with 20 businesses. What did the rest of his meetings look like?

Governor Sununu doesn’t appear to have dedicated much time to one-on-ones in his recruiting effort and perhaps that’s why he has yet to receive a hard commitment from any companies. If the governor wanted to use this promise as proof of his investment in economic opportunity, he didn’t sell us very well. If that’s the way he sold businesses on coming to New Hampshire, we shouldn’t hold our breath.”

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