NHDP Statement: Republican support of SB3 is based in conspiracy theory

Concord, N.H. – Today, the House Election Law Committee heard public testimony for and against SB3. Republican Senator Regina Birdsell’s voter suppression bill would send government agents to your door to confirm voting eligibility, establish an unconstitutional “verifiable act” requirement, create a de facto literacy test, lengthen and slow lines at the polls, and punish eligible voters with a fine and legal action if they fail to confirm their status within 10 days after an election. The bill has passed the New Hampshire state Senate along party lines.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“Republican testimony on behalf of SB3 has been the height of conspiracy theory. The countless irresponsible voter fraud lies told by Governor Sununu, Donald Trump, and Republicans across the country have scared countless voters into falsely believing the integrity of our election is at risk.

Today, we heard Republicans irresponsibly claim with no proof of fraud, that out-of-state voters were coming up in groups or parking around the corner from polling locations to vote illegally, a lie they have been peddling for two decades. Many have argued that we should establish stricter voting laws in order to combat this false ‘belief’ of voter fraud, a belief that Republicans have deliberately planted in the minds of some voters. SB3 is nothing more than a shameful effort to disenfranchise eligible voters, and the GOP is using sloppy, dangerous, and fallacious conspiracy theories to achieve a political end of driving down voter turnout to win elections.”

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