NHDP Statement: Sununu withdraws Environmental Services nominee Kujawski

 Concord, N.H. – Today, Governor Sununu withdrew his nomination of Peter Kujawski for Environmental Services Commissioner. The withdrawal comes less than a week after a public hearing in which Kujawski demonstrated a shortage of knowledge or qualifications for the position. The former DES nominee also claimed that Governor Sununu offered him a private sector ‘Vice President’ position at a company moving to New Hampshire, a potential misuse of the governor’s office.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“The withdrawal of Peter Kujawski’s nomination further underscores Governor Sununu’s ‘lazy’ characterization by allies. Kujawski was clearly unprepared for his nomination hearing, and his lack of environmental experience and lack of deep consideration of many issues made him unqualified for the job. Rather than appointing the acting DES commissioner who was already doing the job, he nominated a friend and donor who was vying for any agency nomination Sununu would hand him.

Perhaps Governor Sununu dropped Kujawski because of his claim that the governor offered him a private sector VP position. It’s possible that Sununu believes this withdrawal will stop the press and the public from asking him anymore questions about this apparent ethical violation. That should not be the case. Governor Sununu has many questions to answer on why he had the authority to offer a friend and donor a private sector position while serving as governor.”

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