NHDP Statement: Edelblut’s avoidance of questions on Croydon raises suspicions

Concord, N.H. – Today, the Valley News reported that Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut refused to comment on whether or not he was an anonymous donor to the Croydon School Board’s GoFundMe page, which is raising money for their defense against the Department of Education. As Education Commissioner, Edelblut is heading the department that is bringing a case against Croydon School Board for sending taxpayer money to private schools to fund grades the school doesn’t offer. The Croydon bill, which state Republicans are currently pushing through the legislature, would make the practice legal.

NHDP Chair, Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“Commissioner Edelblut’s decision to avoid questions rather than outright deny an anonymous donation raises serious suspicions. As the head of the department bringing a case against Croydon School Board, it would be wildly inappropriate for Edelblut to have a part in its defense. This action speaks to Edelblut’s lack of qualifications for his new position and the political nature of his appointment. Instead of avoiding the question, Edelblut should be calling for financial transparency.

This is just the latest in a long list of radical actions and opinions by Edelblut. In the last year alone, he has suggested that Governor Sununu’s attempt at a full day kindergarten program could lead to ADHD misdiagnoses, he has defended conversion therapy for minors, and he has voiced his opposition to transgender rights. The legislature is hearing a bill this week that would provide school vouchers for homeschooled students, allowing Edelblut who home schools his children, to benefit financially. It’s clear that Commissioner Edelblut is reshaping New Hampshire education in his image, and it’s an image that the majority of parents in the Granite State are concerned about.”

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