NHDP Statement: Governor Sununu loses NH economy its single-biggest event

Concord, N.H. – Last night, NASCAR announced that it would be moving their September Cup Series race from Loudon, New Hampshire to Las Vegas, Nevada. The race is estimated to bring in over 90,000 attendees and $200 million.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“Governor Sununu is asleep at the wheel. The importance of the NASCAR Cup Series race to New Hampshire’s economy can’t be overstated. Every September, Over 90,000 people flock from all over the country to our state for the race. They stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, and shop in our stores. It amounts to a $200 million impact on our state. That single day generates more money for our state than any event we host, even our quadrennial First in the Nation primary.

New Hampshire has millions of dollars invested in making the New Hampshire Motor Speedway a better, more accessible venue. So many infrastructure projects are based on the expectation of having this race and this revenue. It’s shocking to think that retaining the NASCAR Cup Series wasn’t one of Governor Sununu’s top economic priorities. Sununu promised to talk to 100 businesses in his first 100 days. Instead, his first 100 days will be remembered for losing the state’s biggest economic driver, spending wasted effort on failed so-called Right-to-Work legislation, and losing 190 New Hampshire Fidelity employees to layoffs.

Governor Sununu has big questions to answer. Did Governor Sununu even meet with owner of Speedway Motorsports, Bruton Smith? If he did, why wasn’t he able to retain the event like his two Democratic predecessors, John Lynch and Maggie Hassan were able to do? The Governor must take responsibility for this massive loss to our state and work on digging us out of the hole he created.”

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