ICYMI: Infighting & disappointment after Sununu & Forrester’s aggressive lobbying efforts fail on top priority, ‘Right-to-Work’

Concord, N.H. – Top Republicans flung threats, accusations, and recriminations toward their own party’s members after they helped kill a top priority of their own Governor Sununu in so-called ‘Right to Work’. They defeated the bill and ended the possibility of a vote until after Sununu’s term, despite his and NHGOP Chairwoman Jeanie Forrester’s aggressive lobbying efforts and a phone call from Vice President Mike Pence.

See a roundup of coverage below.

WMUR: Republican finger-pointing follows 200-177 rejection of right-to-work bill

“Despite a big push from the new state Republican Party chairman — right-to-work…went down hard.

Jasper said Sununu “worked exceedingly hard on this. It was a priority…

Jasper respond of former Chair Horn “Her comment shows a lack of understanding of the legislative process and a lack of understanding of the individuality of House members. Republicans are not just mind-numbed robots who do what they are told.

NHPR: Despite GOP Majority, NH House Votes Down Right-to-Work Bill

“The New Hampshire House voted Thursday to kill a controversial Right-to-Work bill, as divisions within the Republican party ultimately sank the measure.

The loss does come as a political blow to Gov. Chris Sununu.

Nashua Telegraph: Former state Republican chairwoman targets NH Speaker Jasper after losing right-to-work vote

‘The speaker has failed our party and our state,’ Horn said in a released statement after numerous Republicans crossed party lines to vote against the Right to Work bill favored by Gov. Chris Sununu.

Horn, a Nashua resident and former Telegraph columnist and radio personality, accused Jasper of essentially sabotaging the vote on the bill.”

AP: ‘Right to Work’ loses in NH

“New Hampshire will not become the next so-called right-to-work state, despite full Republican control of the Statehouse and aggressive lobbying efforts by GOP Gov. Chris Sununu.

Sununu made an aggressive last-minute pitch to flip votes before the session began on Thursday, several lawmakers said. And state Republican Party Chairwoman Jeanie Forrester had suggested the day before that Republicans who didn’t back the bill might not receive financial help from the party in the next election. Neither effort was effective enough.

NHPR: ‘The Exchange’ Weekly New Hampshire News Roundup

“Governor Sununu had pushed it as a big part of his agenda…this is a defeat early on for Governor Sununu.

Governor Sununu basically ignored [House Speaker Shawn Jasper], didn’t treat him like a partner, and then expected him Jasper to deliver on something.

Americans for Prosperity has identified two people who signed a pledge to support Right to Work and voted against the bill…This was a pretty aggressive effort to pass Right to Work.”

Union Leader: NH House votes down Right-to-Work bill

“The loss came despite a full-court press by Republican Party leaders who enjoy a 50-vote majority in the 400-member chamber.

Gov. Chris Sununu made passage of the bill one of the priorities.

“We are disappointed that the House of Representatives failed business owners and working families by voting down Right-to-Work legislation,” [NHGOP Chair Jeanie Forrester] said.

WMUR: Right-to-work bill fails in New Hampshire House

Organized labor won a major victory Thursday in New Hampshire when lawmakers in the House refused to pass a right-to-work bill that was supported by the governor.

For right-to-work supporters, the loss was a gut punch.”

Concord Monitor: Right to work fails in NH House, 200-177

“Top state Republicans had spent the days before the vote trying to sway opinions toward right-to-work. On Wednesday,leaders at the GOP state party suggested they may not help Republicans who oppose the bill in the next election cycle. 

The last-minute lobbying, however, proved fruitless.

Washington Examiner: New Hampshire lawmakers reject right-to-work

Republican defections helped seal the legislation’s fate.

Thursday’s defeat was a blow for newly elected New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, also a Republican, who had made the legislation a priority.

Dave Weigel, Washington Post: TWEET: Total GOP control of NH state govt not enough to pass right-to-work.

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