Republicans Ignore Education Experts and Constituents To Confirm Education Commissioner

Concord, N.H. – One day after Governor Chris Sununu went in front of the New Hampshire State Board of Education to make the case for his Education Commissioner pick, Frank Edelblut, the board issued a letter of no confidence. Republicans chose to ignore the education experts and vote for him anyway.

The board’s letter this morning was unprecedented, saying Edelblut lacked “relevant qualifications in both ‘education and experience.'” The letter included over 90 individual notes and emails from concerned parents, school board members, and educators. In a 3-2 party line vote, Republican Executive Councilors chose not to heed the rebuke of Edelblut by the Board of Education.

“Executive Councilors Joseph Kenney and Russell Prescott told us all about the concerns they heard from parents and educators about Frank Edelblut. Instead of listening to their constituents, they decided to put in earplugs and vote to confirm him in a blindly political move,” said NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley. “It’s shameful that Governor Sununu didn’t consult the Board of Education before he made the pick. Instead, he followed the Trump model by appointing an unqualified businessman rather than looking out for the future of New Hampshire.”

In other news: Yesterday, Vermont Governor Phil Scott re-appointed Rebecca Holcombe, a former principal, teacher and school district founder with a doctorate in education as Vermont’s Education Secretary. The Vermont State Board of Education has full confidence in her.


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