NHDP Statement on Governor Chris Sununu’s Budget Address

Concord, N.H. – As a new governor, Chris Sununu was lucky enough to inherit a $160 million budget surplus and a record-setting $90 million rainy day fund from his predecessor, now-Senator Maggie Hassan. Since 2005, Democrats have worked hard to balance the budget without sacrificing our investments in education, health care, and the strength of the working class. Today’s budget is largely a reflection of that hard work.

While it appears he did a solid job of cutting and pasting from most of that plan in his budget proposal, he still gets an incomplete for some of the unanswered questions left from his speech today:

“In the midst of a major opioid epidemic, we are disheartened to see that Governor Sununu did not fully fund the state’s alcohol fund, which would provide key resources to combat this epidemic,” said NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley. “In addition, a quality education system is key to attracting workers and businesses to New Hampshire. But instead of helping freeze or lower tuition costs at the University System of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu is creating a scholarship program named after himself.”

“We also do not know from his presentation which communities will get full-day kindergarten and which ones won’t, whether he is planning to continue the New Hampshire Health Protection Program, or whether paid leave will become a reality for New Hampshire’s hardworking families. We can only hope that Chris Sununu will stand up to members of his own party in supporting the programs that he’s promised to continue,” concluded Buckley.


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