Republican House Member Drops Gun, Laughs It Off

CONCORD, NH – Today, while taking his seat for a committee meeting, “Republican” State Representative Kyle Tasker laughed off dropping one of the two firearms he was carrying by saying “I just gave blood, it was bound to happen.”

“One of the first things Bill O’Brien and his radical Tea Party friends did when taking office was to repeal the forty year-old ban on carrying firearms on the house floor,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “When this was done, assurances were made that anyone doing so would be well trained in gun safety.”

“Representative Tasker, who you might remember for questioning when it would be appropriate to ‘blow away’ a police officer, clearly does not take safely securing his firearms very seriously,” said Buckley. “This is especially disheartening as Representative Tasker lists hunting and firearms collecting as his hobbies in his official State House biography.”

“Of course, perhaps Representative Tasker has taken his gun safety lessons from Representative George Lambert, who was seen picking up his holster and gun after they fell off while he was standing outside the State house last year.”

“I do hope that when the Speaker wears his gun around the State House, he exercises more caution than his fellow Republicans do,” said Buckley.

“Firearms safety must be a priority for anyone who is going to carry a weapon. Representative Tasker clearly knew the side effects of giving blood, yet chose to carry two loaded weapons shortly after, if not during, doing so.

“I am relieved that the weapon did not go off, and thankful that no one got hurt. If O’Brien and company are going to continue to allow guns to be carried in all areas of the State House, I would hope he would encourage members to do so safely and exercise good judgement when doing so,” said Buckley. “I would hate to see a situation similar to the one that instituted the ban of guns on the House floor, where one Republican lawmaker pointed a gun at the Republican Speaker.”

“I am calling on the Speaker to discipline Representative Tasker for jeopardizing the lives and safety of the citizens, staff and fellow legislators of New Hampshire.”

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